Project Team

Editorial and Technical Staff

  • Jesse P. Karlsberg, editor-in-chief; senior digital scholarship strategist at Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. A scholar specializing in race, religion, and vernacularity in the context of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century hymnody of the southern United States, Karlsberg’s role as series editor-in-chief includes supervising project staff and working with the editorial board and managing editor to monitor work on editions in progress. Karlsberg has served as managing and consulting editor of Southern Spaces, is coordinates ECDS’s Readux project, and edited the Original Sacred Harp facsimile edition. Karlsberg’s 2015 dissertation analyzing the racial geography and social context of shape-note singing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries received the first ever honorable mention for the Society for American Music’s Wiley Housewright Dissertation Award. Karlsberg is editor of Shape-Notes: The Journal of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company, and is research director of the Sacred Harp Museum.
  • Allen Tullos, senior consulting editor, co-director of ECDS and professor of history, Emory University.
  • Robert A. W. Dunn, editorial associate, ECDS.
  • Jay Varner, software engineer, ECDS.
  • Sara Palmer, image and electronic text specialist, ECDS.

Volume Editors

  • Sandra Jean Graham (Jubilee Songs). Graham is a leading scholar of black spiritual song (and, by necessity, white religious song). Her book, Spirituals and the Birth of a Black Entertainment Industry, was published by the University of Illinois Press in 2018. She has also published widely on related topics, including a new article on spirituals for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music.
  • Jesse P. Karlsberg (Original Sacred Harp), see above.
  • Kevin D. Kehrberg (Class, Choir, and Congregation). Kehrberg is a leading scholar of bluegrass and gospel music. His book, “I’ll Fly Away”: The Gospel Music Life of Albert E. Brumley, under contract with the University of Illinois Press, discusses the life and music of Albert E. Brumley, a collaborator of Class, Choir, and Congregation editor A. J. Showalter.
  • Stephen Shearon (Class, Choir, and Congregation). Shearon is a leading scholar of gospel and shape-note music. He co-produced “I’ll Keep On Singing”: The Southern Gospel Convention Tradition, a feature-length documentary on southern gospel singing. He has published widely on the gospel singing tradition, including a new article on gospel music for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music.

Editorial Board