Digital Open Access and Print Editions

The open access digital editions of Sounding Spirit will be produced using Readux, a groundbreaking platform for reading, annotating, and publishing digitized books online. Developed by Emory University, Readux is uniquely appropriate for Sounding Spirit among platforms for digital scholarly editing and publishing because it foregrounds the visual appearance of volume pages. For Sounding Spirit volumes, matters of book format, design, and typography are critical to understanding the books’ social context.

  • Readux pairs digitized facsimiles of editions’ pages with searchable and selectable full text transcriptions accurately mapped to the corresponding text on the book’s page images.
  • Readux accommodates multimedia annotations either tagged to text or page regions featuring snippets of music or illustrations.
  • Readux-generated editions also support additional content, such as critical introductions.

The Readux editions of Sounding Spirit volumes will be published as interlinked portions of a single website. Readux’s browsing, annotation, and export interface is publicly accessible.

Sounding Spirit will complement these digital editions companion print editions. These hardcover books will begin with the introduction and apparatus, then proceed to the original books’ pages in facsimile with select annotations in the margin, concluding with indices. We anticipate that the print editions will share common page dimensions to ensure consistency across the series and enable the inclusion of marginal annotations.